Mindfulness-based Peer Support

Practice 1: Redirecting Motivation

Life Coaching: Personal Practice

Reduce Craving and Find Your Soul’s Desire

The Secret of Happiness

Exercises to Reduce Craving

Find Your Soul’s Desire: Redirect Motivation

Exercises to Redirect Desires

The Higher Reaches of Desire


Walsh, R. (1999) Chapers 5-9 in Essential Spirituality: the Seven Central Practices to Awaken Heart and Mind. New York: Wiley

Leadership Coaching: Professional Practice

Authentic Leadership

Heightened self-awareness (knowing yourself) / Moral, value-based / Presentation of the authentic self / Model of hope / Capacity for self-regulation


ARAR, K. and OPLATKA, I., (2022). Ch 9 Authentic Leadership in Advanced Theories of Educational Leadership. Cham, Switzerland: Springer.

Mapping Motivation

The roots of motivation / The nine motivators and their properties / Mapping your motivation / Motivation and performance / Motivation and teams / Motivation and appraisal / Leadership, motivation, and engagement


Sale, J. (2016) Mapping Motivation : Unlocking the Key to Employee Energy and Engagement. London: Routledge

Academic Coaching: Pedagogical Practice

Adventurous Learning

The contingency of Authenticity / Agency / Uncertainty / Mastery in learning within and outside the classroom


Beames, S. & Brown, M. (2016).  Adventurous Learning: A pedagogy for a changing world. London. Routledge

Inspiring Motivation

What goals do children and youth have and how do goals influence their behaviour? / Competency: Understanding and influencing self-efficacy and motivation. / Belonging: the importance of connection, caring, and relationships. / Autonomy: the importance of feeling that behaviour is freely chosen for well-being and motivation. / How can you make learning meaningful, relevant, and interesting? / How does competition affect motivation? / How do diverse backgrounds affect motivation?


Bergin, D.A., (2022). Inspiring Motivation in Children and Youth : How to Nurture Environments for Learning London: Routledge

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