Mindfulness-based Peer Support

Practice 4: Training Attention

Life Coaching: Personal Practice

Concentrate and Calm the Mind

Your Meandering Mind

Develop a Peaceful Mind

 The Higher Reaches of Concentration and Calm


Walsh, R. (1999) Chapers 19-21 in Essential Spirituality: the Seven Central Practices to Awaken Heart and Mind. New York: Wiley

Leadership Coaching: Professional Practice

Integrating Three Forms of Mindfulness in Educational Leadership

Contemplative mindfulness: Presence and Intentionality, Focus and Concentration / Cognitive mindfulness: Awareness and Responsiveness, Systems and Practices / Organisational mindfulness: Reliability and Dependability, Learning and Change, Mindfulness and communication


Kruse, S.D. 2023 Mindful Educational Leadership : Contemplative, Cognitive, and Organizational Systems and Practices. London:

Academic Coaching: Pedagogical Practice

Mindfulness-Based Teaching and Learning MBTL

Mindfulness As Body-Mind Communication /  Mindfulness As Social-Emotional Learning  / Mindfulness As Inquiry-Based Learning / Transprofessional Competencies For MBTL Specialists / Curriculum Design For MBTL Specialists / Trauma-Informed Practice In MBTL


MacPherson, S, & Rockman, P 2023, Mindfulness-Based Teaching and Learning : Preparing Mindfulness Specialists in Education and Clinical Care. London: Routledge

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