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Course Title: Mindfulness-based Co-coaching MBCC

Mindfulness-based Co-coaching is ‘reciprocal peer coaching’. It is reciprocal because participants take turns to be a ‘client’ and a ‘coach’. It is peer because all co-coaches have the same status. It is coaching because you work on things you want to change in your life with the attention and help of a coach. It is mindfulness-based due to its focus on 8 core mindful practices: (1) Redirecting Motivation, (2) Transforming Emotions, (3) Living Ethically, (4) Training Attention, (5) Refining Awareness, (6) Cultivating Wisdom, (7) Serving Others, and (8) Living Sustainably.

It operates within a network of people who have satisfactorily completed the basic core training course. Each person chooses for themselves how much they want to do as an equal partner in pairs, usually 20-40 minutes each. An important feature of co-coaching is that it is free – you exchange your time and skills.

The basic training is an 8 week  training course (2 hours per week) in the fundamentals of mindfulness-based co-coaching. The course is online creating a safe, supportive and inclusive interactive environment where you may already know members of the network. The course is practical with a focus on exercises for each of the 8 practices.

The training group is required to adopt a set of ground rules including strict confidentiality, supportively listening to other people, commitment to the course and taking responsibility for your own learning.

The action learning set gives a particular structure to a group, which, although very simple, radically alters the normal flow of conversation with each person having  20-40 minutes (or more) to focus on their project.

Learning to be the Coachee: learning co-coaching is mainly about learning how to self-coach as a coachee . In the process, you learn coaching skills and exercises that you use to work on your own material towards more mindful living and learning. The coachee is always in charge deciding which practice to prioritise in their session. Our coaching skill is rooted in our experience as coachee developing all 8 practices over time whilst recognising the need for support from peers in relation to some more than others depending on your situation and needs.

Learning to be the Coach: As a coach the basic skill is the ability to give clear, caring and non-judgemental ‘free attention’. The training also introduces you to a tool kit of observational skills, suggestions and interventions that can be used by your coachee. Interventions are used mainly as reminders or encouragement to help the client to work in the ways that they know because they have applied to themselves. Co-coaching does not use techniques such as feedback, interpretation or questioning.

Mindfulness-based Co-coaching provides scope for working on all 8 practices of the Mindful Support Network depending on what the coachee feels is their priority: Motivation (1), Emotions (2), Ethics (3), Mindful attention (4), Awareness (5), Wisdom (6), Service (7) and Sustainability (8).

  • After successfully completing the basic training course you are eligible to continue using co-coaching with other members of the Mindful Support Network, arranging sessions with anyone available for ongoing peer support
  • You may also opt to join or help form a local or workplace co-coaching circle; inviting friends or colleagues into the network; you have the skills to share as and when you choose.

Training is delivered by Mindful Support Network action learning facilitators online in the evenings

Co-coaching training is also delivered by the Centre for Mindful Educational Leadership focused on mindfulness-based leadership development providing another route into the Mindful Support Network for those trained there.

The Mindful Support Network training in Action Learning is free though donations are invited to help maintain the network online infrastructure.

See further on the 8 Practices of Mindfulness-based Co-coaching and how the meta-model integrates theory and practice in Life coaching, Leadership coaching and Academic coaching to support students in schools


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