Mindfulness-based Peer Support

Practice 2: Transforming Emotions

Life Coaching: Personal Practice

Cultivate Emotional Wisdom

Heal the Heart and Learn to Love

The Challenge of Difficult Emotions

Reducing Fear and Anger

Cultivate Love and Gratitude

The Higher Reaches of Love


Walsh, R. (1999) Chapers 5-9 in Essential Spirituality: the Seven Central Practices to Awaken Heart and Mind. New York: Wiley

Leadership Coaching: Professional Practice

Positive Leadership

Positivity development in the school Рfocus on strengths / Building positive culture vs a crisis management culture / Giving positive feedback / Negativity elimination / Display of positive emotions and optimism


ARAR, K. and OPLATKA, I., (2022). Ch 11 Positive Leadership in Advanced Theories of Educational Leadership. Cham, Switzerland: Springer..

Compassionate Leadership

Human suffering & humanising the workplace / Awareness, feeling, appraisal, responding / Leadership & Organisational benefits of compassion / Compassion and cognitive bias / Self-compassion for leaders / Developing compassionate leadership / Designing a compassionate organisation

PAPWORTH, K. D. (2023) Compassionate Leadership: for individual and organisational change. Berlin: De Gruyter.

Academic Coaching: Pedagogical Practice

Being with Our Feelings

Increasing emotional wellbeing / Increased mental and physical wellbeing / More conscious behaviour and reduced bullying / Greater compassion, empathy and kindness / Healthier relationships / Integrity, values and right action. / Developing a diverse feelings culture / Sharing an established feelings language / Nurturing a culture of freedom and creativity / practising all-inclusive wellbeing rituals and routines


Garai, A.K., Being with Our Feelings: a Mindful Approach to Wellbeing for Children: a Teaching Toolkit. London: Routledge

Further Reading

Wendy Turner (2023) Embracing Adult SEL: An Educator’s Guide to Personal Social Emotional Learning Success

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