Mindfulness-based Peer Support

Practice 6: Cultivating Wisdom

Life Coaching: Personal Practice

Cultivate spiritual intelligence, develop wisdom and understand life

What is Wisdom?

Awakening Wisdom

Exercises in Wisdom

The Higher Reaches of Wisdom


Walsh, R. (1999) Chapters 27-30 in Essential Spirituality: the Seven Central Practices to Awaken Heart and Mind. New York: Wiley

Leadership Coaching: Professional Practice

Wisdom of Culturally Relevant Leadership

School leaders act as bridge between school and multicultural society / Valuing the wisdom and values of diverse cultures to affirm students and families / Whole school CPD to support culturally relevant practices / Social justice activism & decolonial agenda to design more responsive indigenous and ethnic minority cultural curricula, pedagogies and Worldviews


ARAR, K. and OPLATKA, I., (2022). Ch 5 Culturally Relevant Leadership in Advanced Theories of Educational Leadership. Cham, Switzerland: Springer.

Academic Coaching: Pedagogical Practice

4Cs of P4C (Philosophy for Children)

Caring thinking: listening carefully, appreciating, thanking, showing interest, showing sensitivity, waiting your turn

Collaborative thinking: responding, supporting, building on other’s ideas, inviting, sharing tasks, negotiating, joining in

Critical thinking: questioning, reasoning, evaluating, weighing evidence, making distinctions, testing ideas, applying criteria

Creative thinking: making connections, suggesting alternatives, giving examples, exploring possibilities, considering perspectives


SAPERE’s 4Cs Model 

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