Mindfulness-based Peer Support

Practice 8: Living Sustainably

Life Coaching: Personal Practice

Becoming a Good Ancestor

How to Think Long-Term in a Short-term World

Deep-Time Humility

Legacy Mindset

Intergenerational Justice

Cathedral Thinking

Holistic Forecasting

Transcendent Goal and Dedication to one UN SDG (Sustainable Development Goal)


Krznaric, R., 2020. The Good Ancestor: How to Think Long-Term in a Short-Term World. London: Penguin

Leadership Coaching: Professional Practice

Responsible Leadership & Sustainability

Resistance to neo-liberal constructions of education, commercialization, marketisation, narrow outcomes / Holistic perspective of school-stakeholdersrelationships / Creation of benefits for the whole of society / Ethics of care and empathy / Responsible decision-making process beyond compliance with external policy directives


ARAR, K. and OPLATKA, I., (2022). Ch 3 Responsible Leadership in Advanced Theories of Educational Leadership. Cham, Switzerland: Springer.

Eco-Stewardship and Creating Multi-level Sustainability

Supporting Educational Leaders in an Age of Complex Problems / Covert Threats: Covert Processes, Planning for the Future by Scanning the Deep Past, Educational Leadership in an Uncertain Political Future, Understanding and Preparing for Tipping Points / The Educational Leader’s Role in Preventing Tipping Points, Using the Covid-19 Experience to Respond to Future Threats / The Ethical Commitments of Steward Leaders / More sustainable Frames for Accountability and Inspection


Bottery, M. 2022. The Educational Leader in a World of Covert Threats : Creating Multi-Level Sustainability. London: Bloomsbury

Academic Coaching: Pedagogical Practice

Competencies of Education for Sustainable Development

Integrated problem-solving

Systems thinking

Strategic action

Futures thinking

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