Mindfulness-based Peer Support

Practice 3: Living Ethically

Life Coaching: Personal Practice

Feel Good by Doing Good

The Value of Virtue

What is an Ethical Life?

Exercises in Ethical Living

The Higher Reaches of Ethical Life


Walsh, R. (1999) Chapers 15-18 in Essential Spirituality: the Seven Central Practices to Awaken Heart and Mind. New York: Wiley

Leadership Coaching: Professional Practice

Ethical Leadership

Ethic of Care – primacy of generative and nurturing relationships based on dignity and mutual respect / Ethic of Justice – emphasis on legal rights and democratic process / Ethic of Critique – constructive criticism of injustice in social relations


ARAR, K. and OPLATKA, I., (2022). Ch 7 Ethical Leadership in Advanced Theories of Educational Leadership. Cham, Switzerland: Springer.

Practical Ethics

Thinking for Yourself / Integrating and applying the Ethics of Relationship,  Ethics of Character, Ethics of Happiness and Ethics of the Person / What to do When Values Clash / Creative Problem-solving in Ethics / Making a Difference


Weston, A. (2021) A Practical Companion to Ethics. Fifth edn. New York: Oxford University Press.

Academic Coaching: Pedagogical Practice

Character Education

The character of the teacher / Establishing appropriate learning environments for character education / Behaviour for learning: A character-based approach / Teaching character education within and across the curriculum / Character education beyond the school gates through social action and volunteering.


Watts, P, Fullard, M & Peterson, A 2021, Understanding Character Education: Approaches, Applications and Issues. London: Open University Press



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